Recipe: Hennessy-To

The classic Mojito gets a special summer uplift in this super refreshing cocktail. I played bartender recently and stirred up the Hennessy-to, using the Hennessy Very Special.

With traces of French oak, the zesty and robust flavours of Hennessy Very Special makes it the ideal spirit for any cocktail. The Hennessy-to is a unique twist on the classic Mojito – try one and I guarantee you won’t be able to switch back once you’ve sipped this 😉

Recipe :

60 ml Hennessy Very Special
6 Fresh Mint Leaves
15 ml Sugar Syrup
10 ml Lime Juice
30 ml Tender Coconut Water

Top with Ginger Ale
Build over bruised mint & ice
Garnish with a fresh mint sprig in a Collins glass.

The Hennessy-to is tailor-made for hot summer days, with the ginger ale perfectly complementing the Hennessy Very Special and the addition of coconut water making it the quintessential choice to cool down.