We need to stop eating while driving


Most of us realise how dangerous it is to call or text while driving. It’s one of those rules enforced by the government that totally makes sense. However, what doesn’t make sense to me is why eating while driving hasn’t been made illegal yet?!

A couple of years ago, I almost crashed my car into a lamp post while balancing a box of takeaway Chinese on my lap. Luckily, my front bumper (and well, pride) were the only things damaged. Statistics reveal that distracted driving is responsible for a major chunk of road accidents. Whether it’s sending out a quick email, texting your significant other, perfecting makeup (seriously, women) or munching behind the wheel – nothing is so important that it can’t wait. While talking on the phone and driving has been recognised as dangerous, people tend to overlook the risks of eating and driving. What’s the difference between the two? Both divert your attention away from the road and both are equally dangerous. If one is illegal, so should be the other.

After my own food-induced collision, I’ve vowed to never eat while driving. The worst part is that for lots of people, eating and driving has become the norm. Morning caffeine behind the wheel is a ritual so entrenched into their routines that they don’t realise the magnitude of the risks that come with it. Get your ass out of bed a few minutes earlier and make time for breakfast at home.

I get that there are times when you can’t wait to stuff your face with that extra cheese pepperoni pizza, but is it really worth jeopardizing the safety of yourself (and the pizza)?! So, stink-eye the guy in the right lane juggling the wheel with a burger and shame all food-chewing drivers – I’ve been enough of a stickler about it.

In my opinion there definitely needs to be a law against eating while driving. After all, fear of hefty fees is one way to make people stop. But, legal or illegal – guys, please don’t eat while driving. Trust me, no food is worth it.