Reasons you should tip your servers more during the holidays


Let’s face it – When you live in India, it’s holiday season all year round. With the exception of hot summer months which are lean, the restaurant industry and servers have to face the wrath of long hours and ungrateful customers. And when the tables you are waiting start telling you how much they’re enjoying their time off – you’re like ‘Oh, you’re off for the holidays? Tell me more”.

While we as a customer feel entitled to a special experience on these holidays, here’s a peek into how the servers perceive them.

1.New Years Eve

For starters, there’s absolutely zero chance of getting your New Year’s Eve shift covered! And then, just like last year, every goddamn table wants you to take a picture of them at midnight!

When you do work the bar shift on the eve, you realise how quickly people transform into drinking monsters. But luckily, some customers do turn into generous tippers, making all that torture worth the while so you can suck it up and survive another holiday season in the restaurant industry!

2.New Year Day

Well, that’s because everyone suddenly feels the need to treat themselves, and so the restaurants are taxed and so are you!

And just when you rush to do your closing work in hopes of spending some quality time with family, a table of six arrives and you’re obliged to smile while simmering with anger underneath – “Welcome to The La la la – how may I help you?”


Christmas carols are fun to listen to when you come out for a meal, but when the dining room plays the same damn Christmas song over and over again – all you want to sing is “All I want for Christmas is this restaurant to close”.

To add to that, your friends are hanging out and check if you’re free, and you look at them with a straight face – the truth is you never have a Christmas day off!

So next time you feel all warm and fuzzy about Christmas, remind yourself to tip your server (or just be nice) even if only for a fleeting moment.

4.Republic Day

If you live in India, you know you’re entitled to this one-day off every single year and that’s when you decide to splurge on a nice meal with your family/friends. Well, that’s good for you (and not your server) when you give a new meaning to the term “picky eater”. Almost every single person wants a ton of substitutions, and you’re thinking to yourself “Can’t these people order a regular old hamburger and fries, and be done with it?!”


Holi is undoubtedly one of the most exciting festivals in India. But, the fun turns into a nightmare when people are running amok and throwing paint all over. We get it you’re having a fantastic time, but it’s probably best if you go out only to eat and not to rave with toxic paints – making it impossible for the servers to keep the colours out of the place, and the food.


The festival of lights is all about homecoming. While most of us get to take time off to visit family and friends, there are few who cannot go home because of work. It can also be pretty awesome as working on a holiday means you end up making more money in tips but, for the most part, it totally sucks to work at a time everyone else is with family.

7.Valentine’s Day

While it is the second busiest night of the year (after new year’s eve), most single servers are more than happy to pitch in for extra hours as most customers just want to place their order and be left alone.


Even though Halloween celebrations are big only in the metro cities, they are still relatively not-so-busy nights in comparison to other holidays. It’s like a regular workday, just in fun costumes! Guess what, we found our winner!