Recipe: Hennessy Mule

A rank above others – The Hennessy Mule. This weekend was an exhilarating one as I stepped behind the bar with Hennessy – muddling, mixing, shaking and stirring with the Hennessy Very Special. The quintessential offering from the House of Hennessy, Hennessy Very Special is the world’s most popular cognac.

An expression of expertise and consistency, this citrus laced cognac is assertive on the palate with notes of grilled almonds, grapes and apple. With traces of French oak, the zesty and robust flavours of Hennessy Very Special make it ideal for a wide array of cocktails.

Watch this video to see Hennessy’s take on Moscow Mule. A perfumed nose and a spicy finish, the ginger ale perfectly complements the solid ripe fruit core of the Hennessy Very Special


45 ml Hennessy Very Special

100 ml Ginger ale

Pour Hennessy and ginger ale into a rocks glass with ice, and garnish with a lime wedge or fresh ginger slices.