Review: Comorin

When the team behind the country’s No. 1 restaurant opens a new space, safe to say the expectations are as high as the stack of awards they sit on. In a city dotted with new restaurant and bar openings on a weekly basis, with each entrant getting more inventive (although not always successfully) – it can get a tad overwhelming.

Enter Comorin – which has managed to crack the balance. An all-day restaurant and concept store that opened doors last month at Two Horizon Centre, Gurugram.

Owned and operated by EHV, a part of the Old World Hospitality group, it has managed to tap into the zeitgeist of the ever-changing food industry with its hybrid space, a menu of comfort food with unusual food combinations from across the country.

The name Comorin is a reference to Cape Comorin which is the final tip of India

Comorin might be from the group that runs Indian Accent, but is far from being its offshoot (and thank god for that!). No tasting menus, no crisp linen – we have high seating with servers that rock Converse shoes under their uniform and a really cool playlist.

There are four very distinct sections in the space – in addition to the restaurant, there is a cocktail bar, a coffee kiosk, and a market section.

When Manish Mehrotra is your consulting chef, it’d be shocking if at least half the menu doesn’t make you go ‘wow’. And rest be assured, I did.

The Baby Back Ribs with a chilli old monk glaze are everything they promise to be and more – succulent, perfect balance and wiped off in less than 5 minutes. The Haleem was undoubted #BetterThanSex – I cannot remember the last time I ate such great Haleem outside of a local offering.

The Andhra Gongura Chicken with crispy murukku was also delicious, as was the Bheja Fry. An interesting play of flavours in the Green Chilli Prawns with puffed black rice was welcomed with our cocktails – but the surprise show stopper was actually the Sweet Corn Khichdi with khakra! {Yes I would’ve never ordered it but the Chef sent it and boy am I glad I tried it!}

Now, the cocktails. It is rare that I have a complete 10/10 experience in one place but this one sure was. An extensive and very inventive (and not gimmicky) beverage menu that boasts of House liquors – from Khus to Fennel to Coffee Liqueur, Cocktails on tap (YES!) to live sous vide infusion bar – Comorin, take a bow!

We had the freshly infused Gin with Hibiscus & Rose (amongst many many others).

We ended our meal satiated and already deciding when to come back next.

It is so amazing that Gurgaon’s food scene is witnessing these absolute game changers – Two Horizon is the Khan Market for G-Town and Comorin is the perfect addition to the existing options there. Not sure about you, but I have struggled with a spot in Gurgaon that isn’t infested with 18-year-olds, or is solely for a sit-down meal or is a hit and miss with the food/cocktails.

Comorin fills in a gap that was much needed in the market. Post-work drinks, a quick coffee or dinner date – take your pick and head there now! No one needs to bear the ghastly traffic to cross the border anymore for a night out.

AddressTwo Horizon Center, DLF Phase 5, Gurugram
Phone0124 498 4224