Whisky Review: Talisker 10

A whisky that needs no introduction, Talisker is so esteemed a single malt that it’s name it’s not one of those distilleries known only among scotch enthusiasts, but instead is one of a handful that is known to casual whisky drinkers after the Glenfiddichs and Glenlivets of the world. Talisker happens to be the only distillery located on the fabled Isle of Skye in Scotland.

My first Talisker was enjoyed (thankfully in good company) a few years ago at a friend’s house. A rare, easy night that involved some great single malts, exceptionally cooked home food and a lot of banter.

It’s hard to find friends who have a discerning taste, especially in whisky in the generation of shots at Bohca and Keya that we live in. If you’re lucky enough to find any in Delhi, hold on to them!

On the nose
The Talisker has a strong smoke and a peaty nose, with fruity aromas that linger behind the bold ashy notes. There’s quite a bit of seaweed, something obvious considering it’s an island malt. Fresh citrus, lemongrass and spice aromas while the sweetness is almost non-existent.

In my mouth
In the beginning, there’s an extremely peppery sharp flavour with a bit of smokiness that dissolves into a well-rounded mixture of very intense flavours. The spice fades to reveal the fruity notes with a hint of bitter oakiness in the back. Its robust palate makes it one of the most intense single malts and is definitely something one should be introduced to single malts with.

For those who often wonder about the difference between peat and smoke – smoke is the carbon-based burning smell on the nose and a charcoal/ash-like flavour on the palate. Whereas peat is more organic with an earthy nose, and moist mineral notes on the palate.

While there is a bit of sweetness beneath the stormy, peat-smoked character of the Talisker 10, its experience ends with a peppery finish – as that of freshly ground pepper.

In a line
A piquant drink fit for a king, something that should be a part of any well-stocked bar.