The types of restaurant servers that make me mad

While rating an experience at a restaurant or a bar, we tend to talk about the food, the drinks and the vibe. But think about it, don’t servers gigantically contribute to the kind of experience we have? I, for one, have had quite a few expensive dinners ruined by the guy serving us. Here are the 7 kinds of servers that make me the maddest.

1) The Race Against Time
These are the guys who sprint between tables, reciting the Chef’s specials in a monotone resembling a robot gone rogue. They clear your plate while you’re still deciding if you want to eat that last piece of broccoli and bring the cheque with the main course (I guess dessert is out of the question, then?)

2) Playing Hard To Get
What’s worse than getting bad service? Well, no service at all. 10 minutes in with no water, no menu & evidently, no server. When your attempts to attract their attention (read: waves, smiles + every other tactic possible) don’t work, you wonder- is he playing hard to get? Works if you’re a teenage girl and not a restaurant server.

3) The Over-Committed
Checking in to see if everything is alright is absolutely great. But checking in every 10 seconds – definitely not great. Enter (again & again) the over-committed server. The amount he butts into the conversation makes it seem like we’re on a date with him. I really don’t need to be asked 10 times about how much I like the ravioli.

4) No Stags Allowed
With all those quotes about self-love and all, it’s surprising that servers look down at people dining alone. Sure, fewer people = less food= less tip but that’s no reason to be an ass to the solo diner.

5) Needed Urgently: An Attitude Makeover
These pricks annoy me the most. Smartass servers who cop a bad attitude over basic requests. They act like asking for extra sauce and napkins is a crime akin to unfollowing someone on Instagram. I get that an extra side of mustard is disgusting, but that doesn’t mean that they can flip out on a customer.

6) The Klutz
We all know them. The clumsy bunch who tend to drop their trays, spilling its contents all over us. Butter chicken gravy on your crisp white shirt and noodles in your freshly blown out hair- yup, that’s one way to ruin the night.

7) Everything Is Amazing (Although I Don’t Know What Any Of It Actually Is)
While I love the faithfulness of the “Sir, everything is amazing” servers, they also making deciding what to order really hard. It doesn’t help that they don’t really seem to know what the dishes are. “What’s the ras el hanout broth with applewood smoke,” I asked. “Sir, it’s ras el hanout broth with applewood smoke,” they said. Yeah thanks, I really couldn’t just read that by myself.

Have you guys faced any of these? What makes you the maddest? Share your experiences!

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