Whiskey Review: Jameson Caskmates

Over the last couple of years, whiskey is something that I’ve really learned and grown to enjoy. What started as a series of experiments, eventually grew into a passion – and now there’s no other liquor I’d ever trade it for.

I was introduced to Jameson a few years back but it was only when I visited Jameson’s distillery in Midleton, Ireland I came to cherish this triple-distilled beauty even more. Fortunately, my team and I had the opportunity to launch this variant in India, and needless to say, we ensured it with a banger! Read more about the India launch here.

The Stout Edition of Jameson Caskmates brings together the best of both worlds – craft beer and Irish whiskey. It started off as a little experiment wherein the distillery and the brewery swapped their oak casks which were used for maturation and found that the whiskey that was finished in barrels (that once contained beer) lent toasted wood and vanilla notes giving Jameson much of its revered character.

On the nose

Very aromatic, fresh, light and fruity notes appear on the nose. You can also smell the typical Irish vanilla very distinctly, something I have come to love after my trip to Dublin. There are also some spicy, hop and bitter notes in the background.

In my mouth

A modern deep golden whiskey with subtle notes of cocoa beans, marzipan, charred oak and sweetness of the butterscotch and vanilla. Hops on the crescendo coupled with the smoothness of a triple-distilled Jameson simply takes me back to the tasting afternoon at the distillery in Middleton.

If you have tried the regular Jameson’s whiskey – it’s pretty much similar, just accompanied by the bitterness of the hops. Because stout beers are dark, and usually contain bitterness of the hops, the flavours have clearly rubbed off on the whiskey after spending all that time behind the beer barrels.


A good balance of primary taste that fades to reveal the hops – can truly say it is Jameson at its finest.

In a line

It’s the whiskey to drink for craft beer lovers or a pleasant change to the 12 years aged whisk(e)y drinkers

Preparing for St Patrick's day in Dublin, tomorrow #Jameson #goIrish #fuckEmUp

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