Whisky Review: The Chita by Suntory

Best known for their innovation in the world of Japanese whiskey, Suntory has released their first ever single grain whisky into the International market. Haven’t heard of Suntory? Well, think of Hibiki, Yamazaki and Hakushu and then think again.

Aged in ex-wine/sherry casks, this grain whiskey is perfect to shut down anyone who goes on to say ‘nothing’s finer than single malts’.

On the nose – Usually, whiskies smell more voluminous but this one is full of fresh floral and sweet wafts – something you would imagine a Japanese flower field to smell like.

In my mouth – A fresh palate that is incredibly smooth, with some earthiness and saltiness in the tail. You do get that flat grain flavour which makes you realise it’s not a malt, but the honey and floral notes with a dash of mint make you appreciate how fine it is nevertheless!

Surprisingly, it’s a lot less sweet on the palate than on the nose.

Finish – A short finish (a caveat for all grain whiskies), but with more alcoholic heat than its 43% might suggest.

Overall a good-natured grain whiskey which isn’t probably going to set your world alight. Nevertheless a well made and reasonably priced (for something coming from Japan). If you have been thinking about testing the (whiskey) waters, The Chita might be the right place to start.

In a line
A beginner’s whiskey with a fresh summery experience that is worth trying!