Whisky Review: Oban 14

Oban 14 is a single malt scotch whisky made using 100% barley that is malted, germinated and later dried over a peat kiln to render the smoky malty flavour profile.

An interesting point to note is that only 650,000 litres of this whisky can be developed annually due to limited natural water supply in the area. It’s the natural water that imparts distinctive notes and gives it dignity, which clearly explains why this single malt is steeply priced.

Nurtured in a small distillery, in the town of Oban, the malted barley is twice-distilled and then aged for 14 years in oak casks. The warm, salty, temperate climate of Oban undoubtedly reflects in the whisky, lending a rich gold colour with mild fruity and spicy aromas as well as sea-salt and a light peatiness.

On the nose

It’s delightful on the nose – fruity, leather, coastal influences, salt, giving you the impression that it was probably matured in bourbon casks.

In my mouth

The palate is full-bodied and dry with notes of orange rind, dried figs, cinnamon and vanilla. It builds up to lend a spicy woody aftertaste. It’s a subtle whiskey, considering its a Western highland malt with raisin, marzipan and red wine tannin notes.

If you add a splash of water, it really opens up the whisky giving strong floral wafts on the nose and a mellowed toffee caramel hint in the mouth.


A complex oaky finish that transitions into a smoky and dry, leading to distinct mineral notes. Due to its smoky finish, it can be beautifully paired with a cigar.

A gentle dram with a pleasant complex flavour profile with a dry finish. I would certainly recommend it and buy another bottle too. The Oban should be in every malt whisky lovers bar. It’s light woody notes with a spicy floral finish, packs a complexity of flavours in a mouthful.