W(oah), Goa

When it comes to partying in India, no city does it better than Goa. And no one does it better than me. Last month, I decided to make my way to W Goa with my boys and find out what the fuss was about. A part of W Hotels Worldwide – this tropical hideaway deserves all the praise that its got, and then some more.

Nestled between lush greenery and overlooking the blue waters of the Arabian Sea, this uber-stylish hotel is spread across 25 acres of the Vagator coastline. Enveloped by good vibes, it was love at first sight. After all, when your welcome drink is a tequila shot you know you’re at the right place. Safe to say, my trip started out on a pretty high note. And there was obviously no backing down from there.
I actually really disklike reception desks and the whole check-in process in India. But I definitely like well-groomed eye candy that receives you at those desks.
We downed our shots and took a walk around the glamour and grandeur oozing property. The hotel is luxurious and modern with a fun Goa vibe – Major FOMO inducing views meet fabulous fare and inspired drinks : W Goa defines vacation goals and ticks all the boxes. No wonder Delhi and Bombay luxury lovers flocks here.

My boys and I spent the day lounging by the pool, feasting on gourmet meals and fabulous drinks (amongst other things) – all served with panoramic views of the sea. The service was perfect too – I have known Chef Tanveer Kwatra, who heads F&B operations there from his days in Delhi and one of the major reasons behind choosing the W to stay. The dedicated staff exceeded my expectations and how!

Spice Trader’s is a Mecca for Asian food lovers like me and safe to say was my best meal of the trip.

#Day3 Our last day in #Goa couldn't have been more on point. A fantastic lunch at Spice Traders, the W. When Chef Tanveer is cooking, you don't need to look at the menu. I've known Tanveer since his days in Delhi and he is actually the reason I chose to stay at the W where he heads F&B. Our meal included some dishes created only for us. What we ate : Truffle Tuna Raw Pizza, Crab in Singapore Chilli Sauce, Charcoal Tempura Prawn with Wasabi & Mango, Black Bean Crab, Tuna & Squid Salad Rice Cracker, Salmon Tiradito ofcourse this washed down with many a pints of Simba Jungle wheat and Jungle stout beers. I honestly don't understand why people go to those shabby unhygienic terrible shacks when Goa has SO much to offer! Thank you Chef Tanvir for the best meal of the trip. #roarwithsimba #BoysTrip #BoysBoysBoys #seafood #beer #craftbeer #luxury @tanveerkwatra

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After a day of feeling like I’ve been vacationing in a James Bond movie, I went to my room to get ready for the night. I decided to check out Rock Pool at the hotel -Goa’s new party spot for the rich and famous. Insane vibes, colourful cocktails & a sexy soundtrack set the tone for one of the maddest ragers ever. {proof : a selection of videos that will never be spoken about again}.

The crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me of party destinations, W Goa is the game-changer that puts India on the global party map. Honestly, sometimes you just want to have an insane rager of a night. Unfortunately, those absolutely unnecessary bans and rules in India make that really hard. But with W Goa shaking things up, we’re looking forward to lots of sick nights and epic memories!

A place that aces views, food, drinks & music – W Goa is the dream.